Master Greatsword


and deadly

I'm a huge nerd for medieval weaponry and Zelda so this was a project waiting to happen. I took a lot of inspiration and reference from a little statue I own of the Master Sword, it was really handy to have around since the shapes of the middle part are a little complicated.

I'm very happy with the result, I'm only left wanting to forge one of these out of real steel one day...


Demon Girl


I got the inspiration from the 'Au Ra' race from Final Fantasy XIV, but gave it my own spin. This was my first time creating a realistic-ish character in 3D. It was a long learning process but I think it turned out great.

Had a lot of fun animating her too, standing up every time to wiggle my hips around to figure out the next Keyframe, I must've looked pretty silly.

Modelled in Maya, Textured in Substance Painter and animated in Blender.

Also made a running animation for fun. The character model really wasn't made with this sort of movement in mind so it looks a bit janky in places.


Ad Mortem,


I adore For Honor's Lawbringer, he's the biggest knight in the game and I really love the heavy-plated armour look on him.

I used a load of screenshots from the game and some fanart as reference for this character model.

Modelled, rigged and posed in Maya.

Textured in Substance Painter.

Robot Guy

He's very rusty

And he's got a chainsaw

Made this guy for a gritty sci-fi game project back in college. I remember a teacher looking at him in-engine during development and he asked if we bought it from the Unity Store.

Weird compliment, but hey I'll take it!

Mountain Bike

I want to ride my bicycle,

I want to ride my bike!

I had my bike in my room for the entire modelling process, which was why I was able to put so much detail into the gear system. I am planning to animate the mechanism sometime in the future too... once I figure out how to rig the chain.

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