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I have helped work on a game called 'Retro Rockets' as part of an internship. I ended up designing and making a boatload of environment and setdressing assets. That's what gave me the idea to design a small environment inspired by the game and fill it with all the props and furniture I built.

I had a lot of fun with dressing up all the desks with props that all tell a different story about the person working there.

I especially enjoy the pen/pencil tower they're building!

Retro Rockets

Hunt | Survive | Avenge

on Steam now!

Retro Rockets is a 3 vs 1 action survival game in space! Work together as one of the Retronauts and try to survive while re-activating the security system or play as murderous Destructo and hunt down the Retronauts one by one. Action survival gameplay with a touch of retro!

Check out the steam page!

I've helped work on this game for about a year, creating a bunch of weapons, tools, furniture and set-dressing items. Under here are a couple of my personal favourites!

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